Buenavibra Kitchen

Buenavibra Kitchen brings you healthy, simple and homemade meals for pickup in the heart of Coral Gables. Every week I craft a new menu inspired by the ingredients I source and what’s going on around me, to create delicious food that nurtures the body and soul. Here is a sampling of the menu in the last few weeks…

What type of food do you cook?

I believe in sharing the foods that I typically make at home for my family which are mostly plant-based, gluten free, and dairy free. A soup, salad or bowl and main entree are typically on the menu.

I dieted for many years and don’t believe in eliminating entire food groups any more. Vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and root vegetables make up 80% of my menu. However, I feel that a diverse and varied diet that includes all foods is the most nutritious, so some eggs, dairy, meat, grains and sweets also make into our family meals and the Buenavibra Kitchen menu but they are not at the forefront.

How does it work?

A weekly menu is sent to you on Sundays. You can send me an email or text to place your order by Tuesday 5pm (Online Order Form coming soon!). I’m busy in the kitchen on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and all dishes are ready for pickup on Wednesdays after 12:30pm.

Where do I pickup?

My kitchen is located in Coral Gables, very close to Miracle Mile and LeJeune. Once you sign up to receive the newsletter and have placed an order I will send you exact address.

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